Meet AirCare

AirCare is travel insurance, but before we talk about travel insurance, let’s start at the beginning: with travel. As a society, we’re more mobile than ever, and we take more different kinds of trips. Today’s it’s more about what we experience than what we have. So if we protect what we have (and value), why would we not want to protect what we experience (and value)?

Whoa; too many concepts for a lead paragraph. Let’s try again.

Close your eyes, and imagine you’re going somewhere warm. Maybe you’re going somewhere warm for spring break. Just think of it: Spring break … on a beach … oh, yeah …

But wait a minute: What if there’s a snowstorm? What if there’s a snowstorm and my flight gets cancelled? What if there’s a snowstorm and my flight gets cancelled and my luggage gets lost? What if there’s a snowstorm and my flight gets cancelled and my luggage gets lost and the snowstorm turns into a hurricane and tears up the beach … my beach … my vacation?

People have conversations like that all the time before they go on a trip. Then they learn the price of travel insurance and they don’t have those conversations any more. They talk about something more edifying, like Minecraft.

The problem with most conventional travel insurance, then, isn’t that it doesn’t protect people when they go on trips. It just isn’t made to protect you when you go on the types of trips you go on.

That was what John Noel saw when he looked at the state of travel insurance circa 2012. Noel basically started the modern travel-insurance business when he founded Travel Guard in his basement back in 1986. He built Travel Guard into the market leader, sold it, and then watched the travel-insurance business condense into a collection of similar insurers selling similar products to similar people, while the number of similar people continued to shrink.

What Noel saw when he looked at travel was a changing travel landscape. More short trips and fewer long vacations – but still the same amount of flight cancellations and lost luggage. Low fares but more fees – fees for everything. A lot of business travel, but also destination travel, adventure travel, long weekends, and last-minute flings built around a $69 round-trip fare where a $125 travel-insurance policy doesn’t make much sense.

And then he saw that travel-insurance companies make people jump through hoops whenever they have a claim. He saw a lot of old technology and old processes making modern, smartphone-wielding, tweeting-and-Instagramming travelers wait and suffer.

After seeing all the problems, John Noel saw a solution – a product that was inexpensive enough that any traveler could afford it.

As soon as he could John Noel started preparing it for market. He tapped Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance for its resources and marketing muscle. He worked with vendors around the world to create a user experience that’s quick and easy, that works on any device from anywhere in the world travelers happen to be. He streamlined claim submission and processing so that people who have problems can have them taken care of in hours, not days. And he reinvented the payment process so that people could get paid right to a PayPal or bank account – and be notified of that payment immediately through a text message or email.

That product is available now, for any sort of traveler heading anywhere. It’s called AirCare.

AirCare is for those times when you’re doing a quick trip, for business or pleasure, and want the key protections of full-blown travel insurance without the full-blown price. AirCare is just right for business trips, long weekends, flights to see the kids, spur-of-the-moment discount-fare sorts of travel where what matters is that your flight’s not delayed or cancelled, you’re not stuck on the tarmac and your luggage isn’t lost. AirCare covers these things and covers you fast. Show us you’re stranded and we pay you.

AirCare might be coverage for smaller trips, but there’s nothing small about the service supporting it. Just like our other coverages, AirCare comes with 24/7/365 personal-and-emergency assistance baked right in. So when you’re traveling with AirCare you’re really traveling with all of us, and we’re here to help you get where you’re going.

Actually, the only thing that’s really small about AirCare is the price. It’s $25, period.

Now that you’ve met AirCare, maybe you’d like to know more. Just click on the product and get going. But if you’d like to linger a little and read what we have here, that’s fine too.

Author: Kit Kiefer

As content engineer for Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, I have one of the world's great jobs. Not only do I get to write about travel, but I get to edit the work of fantastically talented contributors from around the world. Plus I get all the maple syrup I can drink.