New York: Cloudy, With A Chance Of Celebrities

By Jim Fox

What you do on Memorial Day in New York is not too different from what you do every other day in New York: You eat and drink like a native New Yorker.

So supposing you’re just in from the outlying areas – Mamaroneck, say – for Memorial Day and you don’t want to be mistaken for someone in from Mamaroneck for the day, because you know how well that goes over in the city. Where to go? What to do? And – aargh – I’m not wearing all black.

Relax. You’re in good hands. Here’s your cheat sheet of what and where and how much. Just understand that this is New York and not everything tastes good, but everything is expensive.

  1. Get Outta Town: I know it seems counterintuitive, with you just in from Mamaroneck and all, but take the A train to 190th, visit Manhattan’s coolest museum, the Cloisters, amid the amazing Fort Tryon Park on the Hudson, and get terrific brunch at New Leaf, the place Bette Midler opened to raise money for her parks campaign.
  2. After the Broadway show you must see, go to Joe Allen at 46th Street between 9th and 10th avenues. Decent food, and a good chance to gawk at Broadway stars who will take a TV series in a heartbeat because TV pays better and is SO much easier than theatre.
  3. Yup, in a hotel:  CaVa (extra points for correct pronunciation), inside the Intercontinental Hotel on 44th and 8th.
  4. Too late:  Southern Hospitality, the BBQ place Justin Timberlake opened at 45th and 9th.  No one has seen Justin for a while; word is that he had a falling out with the chef and bailed.  Serious foodies say the BBQ is great.
  5. Coolest restaurant that won’t completely kill your budget:  Robert, atop the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle.  It’s a supermodel scene late night, with amazing views of Central Park.

There’s a high probability of celebrity-sighting on this tour.  If you gawk, ogle or ask for an autograph, we’re gonna know you’re from out of town. But we love you anyway … especially if you don’t walk three abreast on the sidewalk, which slows us down and makes us even crazier than you think we are.

FYI, the last train for Mamaroneck leaves at 11:37. Grand Central. Not that I’m being pushy or anything.

Jim Fox is originally from the Midwest, and doggone proud of it.

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