The Way We’d Do Car Rentals … If We Did Car Rentals

By Kendra Collins

What’s the best way to save money on a rental car?

Now, be honest: Did that question make you groan or roll your eyes? While there are dozens of ways to save cash on your next car rental, most of them are tedious and time-consuming and lack a satisfying payoff. Spending an hour online trying to find a deal usually equates to saving a few dollars a day, and that usually feels like a gigantic waste of time.

Over the years, I’ve probably tried every tip and trick in the book. I’ve rented cars through Costco, bid on Hotwire and Priceline, used the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal, and yes, spent hours online. While some of these methods have saved me a nice amount of money, I keep coming back to Autoslash.

Why? To me, Autoslash offers the best results for the least amount of time spent.

When I’m planning a vacation, I don’t want to spend time searching for a rental car; I just want to grab a deal and move on. It’s aggravating to sift through site after site in search of coupon codes. It’s frustrating to see the huge variations in price from company to company and day to day. It’s confusing to parse all the different combinations of points-earning opportunities and money-saving possibilities.

I just want to rent a car at a decent price. So this is what I do:

1. Start at VroomVroomVroom.

VroomVroomVroom is a site that compares the rental-car prices from many different companies. You don’t need a credit card to hold your reservation, and it’s easy to cancel if you decide you no longer want the car.

Simply enter your dates, find a price that you like, click on the car that you want, and go through the normal booking process.

2. Head over to Autoslash

This is where the magic happens. Enter your rental details in the “Track a Rental” box. Then sit back and relax.

You’ll get a confirmation that looks like this:



3. Wait for an email.



This can arrive at any moment, which is what makes it so exciting. I’ve received emails minutes, days, or weeks after booking. The email will detail the lower price and also note any additional information.

Tip: Act quickly once you receive the email, because the rates really do change rapidly. I’ve missed out because I waited too long!

Another tip: Don’t forget to cancel your VroomVroomVroom reservation. It’s the nice thing to do.


4. If you get another email, celebrate!



Often, the price will drop again before your trip. This is another thing I love about Autoslash – they’ll rebook you automatically (like a certain travel-protection company I know).

I know that there are plenty of other ways to save on car rentals. However, I love this method because of its simplicity and ease. I can rest assured that I’m getting a very good (or even a great) rate, without having to spend a ton of time thinking about it (or worse, dealing with it).

Do you use Autoslash? What do you think? Put on a comment in this blog, or email and they’ll put up a comment for you.

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