In My Neighborhood: Narrow Street of Cobblestone

fullsizerender15By Brad Rutta

My two favorite cities in the world are New York and Las Vegas.

I love Vegas even though it has a crummy climate and doesn’t always attract the best element. I expect that from the most exciting (and entertaining) city on earth.

I love New York even though there are parts of it I would never touch. The places I would touch I keep coming back to, over and over.

Take Stone Street, the “narrow street of cobblestone” of the title. It may not be the street Simon & Garfunkel sang about in “Sounds of Silence” – in fact, it probably isn’t – but you don’t have to listen closely to hear the chatter of Wall Street echo off the street’s paving stones and historic brick buildings, most converted into pubs and eateries.

From Irish fare to empanadas, Stone Street has it all.

Happy hour is buzzing for Wall Street’s up-and-comers, but you can also find many market veterans slamming down a pint or two before hopping the train home. Crowds are usually biggest midweek, but even on Sunday evenings you’ll find people bellied up to the bar at The Dubliner. Monday nights you can’t miss the lobster tail with a side of corn on the cob at Ulysses.

When the weather is nice, all the main restaurants have picnic tables and seating nuzzled together to accommodate patrons as they unwind from a hard day at the office. And if you’re with a big crew, the margaritas and nachos at ­­­­Mad Dog & Beans are sure to please.

If you’re a people-watcher, lunchtime is a great chance to sit back, experience the fast pace of the New York financial district, and watch all the suits picking up a quick bite before getting back to the second half of the day.

So what about the food? I haven’t had a chance to try it all. What I’ve had isn’t all top-shelf, but it’s the variety that matters. And if Stone Street doesn’t have it, walk over to Pearl Street and there’s more. Pulled-pork sandwiches, oysters on the half-shell, Cobb salad, pizza by the slice, and more and more. Indulge; the food is as eclectic as the people. And of course, it’s not all about the chow. Pairing the meal with your favorite beverage is where the bars on Stone Street excel.

But if you’re downtown to see the Bull on Broadway or peer at the pillars of the Stock Exchange, there’s no way you should miss the chance to hang out on the narrow street of cobblestone. No matter what the market did that day, spirits run high on Stone Street.

There may be better food and better bars around the city, but there’s no better atmosphere. Stone Street is electric, especially as dusk settles.

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Brad Rutta is marketing director at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.