Graphic Journeys #3: A Drawn-Out Trip To Lisbon

BHTP’s “Graphic Journeys” just keep getting better.

This time around we’re thrilled to have the amazing Shannon Wheeler, cartoonist for The New Yorker and creator of the fantastic Too Much Coffee Man series (buy his stuff if you haven’t already). Shannon shows everything you need to know about Lisbon, and some things you don’t. But that’s comic artists for you; always running off at the pen.

Three things — no, make that four things. If you like our latest Graphic Journey please tell your friends, and buy more of Shannon’s stuff (what’s keeping you?). Also, please watch this space to see how you can get an exclusive peek at Shannon’s “Graphic Journeys” sketchbook. And finally, really watch this space hard to see how your travel story can be turned into a BHTP Graphic Journey.

So on with the Graphic Journey already.