Destination Wednesday: 5 Hot Destinations For Your Bachelor/ette Party

It's just a few feet from the Sibonne Beach Hotel to the sea. (Sharyn Alden photo.)
(Sharyn Alden photo.)

By Cat Zuniga

Getting married soon? Looking to see yourself off with a bachelor/ette party you’ll never forget? Good call. It’s not every day you have carte blanche to celebrate with your favorite group of friends — and you’ll never have a better reason or opportunity to celebrate.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties used to consist of one wild night on the town, but now more brides-and-grooms-to-be are turning the event into a full weekend getaway. Both types of parties have their merits, but I opt for the mini-vacay whenever possible.

In my experience, international destinations are becoming more popular than domestic ones. Las Vegas is quickly becoming Last Vegas. It’s been done, and people want different.

Since people are waiting longer to get married, they usually have more money to spend. This makes them more likely to opt for a memorable destination rather than the traditional wild night out. They’re nearing the end of their party life, and want something different and special to transition them to the next chapter of their life.

Let’s look at the top five party destinations based on the requests we’ve received.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Cabo partygoers have requested all-inclusive properties, villas, and timeshare rentals – and we’ve been able to accommodate them all, as long as clients are flexible.

Fishing and golf are Cabo’s most popular attractions. The downtown party scene isn’t far behind, with its variety of late-night dance clubs and live-music venues. Local hotspots include Cabo Wabo, Pink Kitty, El Squid Roe, Mandala, and many more. With so many options, spending an evening out and about in Cabo never disappoints.

Cancun, Mexico: Cancun is one of Mexico’s largest destinations, with hundreds of hotels within its radius. Each property offers something special (though we do have our favorites). Several properties have onsite nightclubs, meaning groups can be fully and comfortably entertained without leaving the property. These resorts ensure that guests are taken care of from arrival to departure. Anyone who needs additional nightlife can find it at the clubs downtown. But for just about everyone else, the resorts of Cancun have all the life and  libations you’d ever want.

Riviera Maya, Mexico: With views like this from your hotel room, how can you resist this destination? Riviera Maya is absolutely beautiful, nestled amidst historic Mayan ruins across from the gorgeous island of Cozumel. Visitors can experience spectacular shopping, elegant resorts, and exciting nightlife while exploring the city, or stay at their resort and enjoy all its amenities. That’s the beauty of Riviera Maya: The trip is completely what you want to make it.

Don’t forget the spas at these destinations. You may not find the groom and his gents at the spa, but it’s the perfect place for the bride and her maids to kick up their feet and relax with flavored water and essential oils while they prep for the big day.

House Rental, Just About Anywhere: House rentals are becoming more popular as people try to cut costs and eliminate expensive flights to foreign destinations. Although we do get requests for villas in international destinations, we’ve found that hopping a few states away can be just as satisfying.

We recently had a group of girls take their trip to a large property in Scottsdale, Ariz. (another popular destination). Our company worked with the cooperating owners to make sure everything was taken care of before they arrived — a chef, groceries, activities, reservations, and pool toys. If your bachelor/ette party is scattered around the country, pick a location that’s convenient for everyone, let your travel expert know when and what and how many, and then just enjoy.

Las Vegas: You knew we’d wind up in Vegas eventually. For decades, Las Vegas has been one of the most popular celebration destinations, and it still represents the epitome of the party life. Las Vegas has some of the world’s best restaurants and nightclubs, plus gambling, dining, shopping, spas, and nightlife. It can deliver the ultimate experience – a true celebration!

A common misconception is that a weekend at a Vegas resort is cheaper than three to four nights in Mexico. Wrong! Between the hotel costs, daily resort fees (which are significantly rising each year), cab fees, dining, nightlife, and other expenses, it can be cheaper to go with an all-inclusive package that encompasses flight, hotel, and transfer. As I always say, speak with the travel experts to get your best deal. (Shameless plug!)

I usually tell my bachelor/ette clients that an all-inclusive trip delivers the best bang for the buck. With an all-inclusive trip, one set price covers drinks — including alcoholic drinks — meals, tips, and all non-motorized sports (snorkeling, kayaking, and more, subject to what each property individually offers). This is a win-win, because you don’t pay for anything additional when you’re there — not drinks or hundreds of dollars in resort fees or anything else.

With so many destinations for your bachelor/ette party, the only hard part is deciding where to go. Speak with your travel expert, and together you can get the party started today!

Cat Zuniga is an award-winning travel specialist. She specializes in tropical vacations for families, groups, destination weddings, and honeymooners. Visit her today at


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