Monday-Morning Moving: 4 Great Fitness-Focused Vacations

A fitness-focused ski vacation? Sure -- but there are many other options to try as well.
A fitness-focused ski vacation? Sure — but there are many other options to try as well.

By Cat Zuniga

Want to escape the daily grind? Why not go that extra mile and select a fitness-focused vacation?

If you’re wondering what a fitness-focused vacation is, let’s take a look.

First, let’s get our terms straight. The difference between a fitness-focused vacation and a health-and-wellness getaway may be difficult to understand, since we often use the terms interchangeably.

Fitness is not “health.” Even though an individual may be active — running, jumping, working towards changing the shape of their body, participating in sports, lifting weights — that doesn’t mean they’re “healthy,” in terms of their overall well-being and the state of their body.

“Health” covers a wide array of components that can fall under the umbrella of “wellness.” Wellness, in turn, covers mental health, and all the different components that may affect overall well-being (i.e., emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, social health, relationships health, and so on).

The word “fitness” refers to your ability to perform physical activities. This typically involves the strength of your muscles, joints and ligaments; your endurance; and the power with which your body is capable of moving.

Traditional fitness programs have been around for years, and are more customized than wellness programs. They can be tailored to an individual, as opposed to a group of individuals.

Today, you’ll find many resorts that customize fitness packages to include fun and challenging activities like hiking, Zumba, beach boxing, tennis, sports, and Pilates. Some resorts even offer boot camps and fitness programs consisting of a mix of exercise classes.

Hotels as well are becoming more fitness-friendly and encouraging their guests to stay fit by offering a variety of programs. Let’s look at some options that might get you motivated.

Fairmont Hotels. These hotels offer guests access to complimentary Reebok workout footwear and apparel delivered directly to their door for use in-room, at the gym, or in the great outdoors through their “Fairmont Fit” program. Fairmont Fit is available to all members of Fairmont President’s Club and is complimentary for Premier and Platinum members.

Westin Hotels. Westin’s partnership with New Balance lets guests rent (for a flat rate) all the athletic wear they need to get in a solid workout — sneakers, shorts, shirts, socks, and even sports bras — while staying at any of Westin’s 190 locations worldwide. Westin also offers workouts designed around a fitness routine that fits your schedule. These workouts can easily be done from your room. Should you decide you want to combine your in-room workout with fresh air and local scenery, you can join the RunWESTIN program, which provides runners at all levels with three- and five-mile routes through cities, along beaches, or into rural landscapes.

Sonki Fitness Vacation. With Sonki, you can embark on a special eight-day adventure to Hawaii that features energetic workouts specially designed to get you into shape. Sonki lets you kayak and swim pristine waters, hike the trails, and indulge in total-body workouts by day while you renew your energy and zest for life. In the evenings you can enjoy interacting with new friends in a setting that is thoroughly Hawaiian and therefore tremendously amazing. This is one of those vacations that really has it all.

The Body Holiday Resorts. Located in Saint Lucia, these resorts provide everything they think you’ll need, and then it’s just up to you to make it your own and do what you want when you want to. It’s a unique combination of one of the world’s most beautiful islands, an all–inclusive resort that provides you a truly luxurious and personal service, and body therapy! Whether you want the relaxation of the spa, a wellness retreat, or an active-fitness retreat, this resort is a great option. It’s a do-it-yourself experience taken to a whole different level. Body Holiday’s slogan is, “Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind.” That’s tempting and hard to resist!

These are four great examples of fitness escapes for the fitness traveler – or just the traveler who wants to experience fitness differently. Either way, hopefully you can see that there are some wonderful options out there for the traveler who loves travel and fitness and doesn’t want to have to choose between the two.

To learn about more fitness-focused vacations, please contact a travel expert who knows fitness vacations and can show you the widest possible range of options, above and beyond what we mentioned here. With their help, you’ll be sure to get the best experience and save the most money. And don’t forget to ask about travel insurance. It’s always smart to make sure you’re protected should something happen before you depart and/or while you’re away. And after all you’ve gone through on your vacation to build a new body, you’re going to want to protect it!

Cat Zuniga is an award-winning travel specialist. She specializes in tropical vacations for families, groups, destination weddings, and honeymooners. Visit her today at

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Cat on the birth of her first child, Willow Grace Zuniga, on Sept. 17. Mother and daughter are doing amazing!