Getaway Day: 6 More Great Travel Apps


The Gasbuddy app will help you find gas even in the most remote locations.
The GasBuddy app will help you find gas even in the most remote locations. (Photo credit: Steven Lewis via Unsplash.)

By Daniela Harrison

Last month we brought you cool and new apps for your 2016 travels, but the light-speed way that technology changes means each week is filled with amazing new apps to make our travel lives easier.

We’re delighted to bring you a few more apps for your must-have list:

: There will be more passport renewals in 2016 than at any other time in the last 10 years. To help speed up this process, the ItsEasy app was designed so you can renew your passport from home. The name says it all: You take your passport pictures at home via the app, download the correct government forms, fill them out, submit them to ItsEasy, and get your passport renewed in days instead of weeks. It’s government-approved and will even send renewal reminders down the road. The app is free, but the service has a nominal fee.

Now that your passport is taken care of, let’s deal with the next big travel issue: jet lag! There are many different apps to help you defeat jet lag, like Jet Lag Rooster, JetLag Genie, and Jetlag Acupoints, to name a few. I recently tried Entrain and really liked it. The app asks you to input your travel schedule and then designs a light/dark schedule for you to follow prior to traveling to ease you into the new time zone. Now who’s ready for their next adventure abroad?

is an app every traveler should have on their phones. The app has pertinent emergency contact information – police, fire, and medical – preloaded for all countries around the world. So while traveling you don’t have to worry about what number to call abroad if 911 doesn’t answer. For a minimal fee it will also provide access to local embassy information and contacts.

Wi-Fi is a must have while traveling these days. We need to be able to check work emails, load Google Maps, review restaurant reviews and of course stay connected with our friends via social media. But getting that Wi-Fi connection while traveling can be very expensive. Wiffinity comes to the rescue! The app pinpoints local Wi-Fi hotspots near you and keeps you connected on the go. It even lets you add hotspots as you discover them.

Traveling alone, or splitting up for a day of explorations while traveling? Your teenagers are leaving for their first vacation alone? No problem. Companion (pictured above) is an app designed to track your movements and lets you share it with loved ones. There’s even a built-in emergency feature which connects to the local police if need be. A great tool to use for anyone traveling alone, or feeling uneasy exploring a new city by themselves

GasBuddy is a must-have for those summer road trips ahead. The app doesn’t only track gas stations near you, but also lists current pricing to help you find the best place to refuel along the way. The app is designed for the U.S. only and is remarkably accurate and up-to-date.

Headed to the beach? Sunscreen is here to help you reach that nice beach tan without turning into a lobster. The app will track UV intensity in your destination and will remind you when it’s time to slather on that next coat of sunscreen. It also recommends the type of sunscreen you should use for best coverage.

One more app that’s great to have is the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection app. It lets you buy policies, check on claim status, and get claims payments in seconds through BHTP Burst. It’s available on the App Store and via Google Play.

Have fun exploring all these amazing app features and see how they can make your life easier. And wishing you happy travels, wherever life takes you this year!

Daniela has been a Travel Consultant since June 2010. She works for Avenues of the World Travel, Flagstaff, Ariz. 86004. For more information, please contact Daniela at 800.230.3322 or