Graphic Journey #8: Pack, Man

A real thrill of doing the BHTP blog is that we get to work with some tremendously talented and creative individuals, none more so than the artists and writers of our BHTP “Graphic Journeys” series, and Shannon Wheeler in particular. The New Yorker cartoonist and creator of Too Much Coffee Man has graced this blog with his Everyman travel tales for more than a year, with each one topping the one before. (Do you dare doubt this statement? Check out this, this, and this.)

Alas, all good things come to an end, and so it is with BHTP Graphic Journeys. The series is wrapping up its run with two pieces, one from the super-talented Ron Marz, and one from Shannon. Shannon goes first, with his we’ve-all-been-there tale of packing. Everybody has a packing story or two; we ourselves have several. (Here, here, and here, for starters.) But we think you’ll agree that no story gets to the heart of packing quite like this.

We’ll be wrapping up the Graphic Journeys in a month or two. In the meantime, enjoy this, tell your friends, buy some travel insurance (even if you’re not going anywhere — it’s that cheap!), and thanks for all the love for Graphic Journeys!