Getaway Day: Choose Your Own Adventure … With ExactCare


By Molly Jensen

Remember the old Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, going on vacation is a real-life Choose Your Own Adventure. What will happen when we hike to this hidden waterfall? If I eat at this food truck, will I get sick? Will our rental car be safe in this motel parking lot?

Who knows? For the most part, they’re risks worth taking.

Take this real-world scenario, for instance. You and your partner have been working your way along the coast camping and getting in touch with nature. Early one morning, you set out to hike to a hidden waterfall your campground neighbors told you about. After hiking along a precarious cliff, you successfully reach your destination and find a spectacular view well worth the hike.

However, on your way back to the campsite, you get careless on the cliff edge and fall. The fall wasn’t too great, but it was enough for you to injure your leg, and you struggle getting back to your tent. A hospital visit is definitely needed … but can you afford it?

If you get ExactCare for your trip, you’ll have emergency medical insurance that will cover your hospital visit up to $25,000, including the X-rays needed to figure out just how much damage you did to your leg when you were feeding your Instagram feed. (Way to go, smartypants.) You would also have emergency medical evacuation if you need to be airlifted out or transferred to a different licensed medical facility.

Right at the edge of that cliff is the perfect photo op — right?

Now say you and your friends are hitting the town the day before you embark on a cruise. You’ve been feeling sickish lately, but you refuse to let a little upset stomach stop your vacation in any way — and that includes trying the Thai food truck you and your friends discover. There’s no way you can regret something that tastes so good.

No way to regret it, that is, until you have to go to urgent care the next morning and the doctor suggests you skip the cruise. Now you’re definitely regretting that Thai food — and the money you blew on the cruise.

If only you had ExactCare. As long as you have a doctor’s certification to show that you’re not in traveling shape, you can be reimbursed up to 100% of your trip cost (to a max of $100,000) if you have to cancel your trip before the scheduled departure time. Your FOMO  might flare up when your friends start posting all their exotic photos, but at least you aren’t out a giant chunk of change.

And then there’s the ever-classic road trip. You and your family are crossing the country in a rental car large enough to fit everyone, their luggage, and the cooler full of snacks and water. You stop in a run-down country town for the night where you book a room at a cheap motel. It’s the road-trip experience, right? So is it also part of the road-trip experience to find the rental car damaged in the morning?

There are many ways that a rental-car accident can be covered, as we’ve outlined in a previous post, but you can always add car-rental collision coverage on to an ExactCare policy. For $9 per day (per car) you can have an additional $35,000 coverage in case your rental car is damaged. Then you don’t have to worry about how to pay for that missing bumper.

And for all of these situations, there’s the 24/7/365 worldwide travel assistance that comes with every ExactCare policy. If you need to locate the nearest hospital, get a ride to the nearest car-rental company, or even get directions to a restaurant, you can call and we can help.

Obviously not every trip is going to have something go drastically wrong, like in these scenarios. But part of choosing your own adventure is choosing if you want to be protected if you find yourself in a situation that needs it. While these trips and experiences are risks worth taking, not being covered isn’t.

Molly Jensen is a member of the marketing team at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. And she gets ExactCare for all her trips.