Getaway Day: Overseas Travel And Travel Insurance

As peaceful as the scenes may be, something always seems to happen on Spring Break.
Photo credit: Emanuele Pinna via Unsplash.

By Molly Jensen

When you’re traveling, sometimes there’s this feeling of invincibility. You’re going on vacation and having fun, so nothing bad can possibly happen to you — right?

If you answered “Right!”, then you need to frequent this blog more often.

When you go on vacation, you aren’t immune to problems. Think of all of the variables that go into a vacation – driving, flights, luggage, health, reservations, itineraries to keep (or not), hiking trails, hiking streets, the foods you’re eating, the foods you’re not eating, plus all the documents you have to keep track of.

That’s probably not even half of it; I just can’t list any more because my brain broke. Suffice it to say, a lot of things can go wrong on a trip. Now imagine any one of those things going wrong in a foreign country where there are language and culture barriers. You’d want a little help, wouldn’t you?

Let’s take getting sick as an example. Getting sick is the No. 1 concern of most travelers. (At least, that’s what they told us.) It may be called a stomach bug, but it comes with more than a bug’s worth of discomfort. There’s no vegging at home while you recover; instead, you have to deal with it, and the language and the culture, and try to keep moving, stick to the schedule, see the sights, and make it to the next place.

If this has never happened to you, it’s hard to understand how crippling a situation like this can be, on multiple levels.

That’s where travel insurance comes in. If you have ExactCare, you can be reimbursed for your hospital visit, and then our travel assistance can help you book your travels home. Plus, there’s the trip-interruption coverage … because trips get interrupted. Like if that bug hits while you’re three days into a 16-day bus tour through Italy, and you’re dead-set on getting out of the hospital in time to catch back up with your tour before they get to that place from Eat Pray Love. (You know – the place with the pasta.)

There’s also ExactCare Family. Anyone can buy ExactCare Family; it’s just a little more attractive for parents because for each adult that purchases a policy, one child aged 17 or under is covered for free. Then everyone in the family has essentially the same benefits; one less thing for Susie and Timmy to argue about.

So when you get to your tropical destination and only three out of your four bags come through baggage claim, there’s baggage loss and delay for that. Doesn’t matter if the lost bag contains blankies or beachwear; it’s covered. Or if Supertyphoon Pippa hits during your stay and floods the resort, you’re covered. Wet maybe, but covered.

Like we said, if you don’t have kids, you can still purchase an ExactCare Family plan. Say you’re just out of college and trying to travel as cheaply as possible. Doing the whole rite-of-passage backpack-and-hostel thing. ExactCare Family has similar benefits to ExactCare; it’s just a little less expensive. Then when you’re overseas carpe-ing your diem, you’ve got some piece of mind.

Piece of mind is nice when you’re running here, there, and everywhere, and nothing seems familiar, and sometimes you feel like you’re getting by on your wits. Travel insurance lets you keep that feeling a little longer – even when you realize you’ve lost your passport somewhere along the way. Not only did we outline how to get new travel documents in a previous post, but you can use travel assistance to find the nearest Embassy, and trip delay is there as well, if you need it.

Maybe you don’t need all this awesome coverage. Maybe you’re going overseas to sit in your great-aunt’s basement in Bournemouth and read Harry Potter books. (I don’t know why; I don’t know your life.) But flight delays and cancellations and tarmac delays and lost baggage are still going to be a worry for you – and that’s what AirCare is for. With our flight tracking, we can autoinitiate your claim and make the whole process faster for you.

That’s what BHTP is all about. Faster claims, having you covered, and most importantly, giving you piece of mind on your trip.

Molly Jensen is a member of the marketing team at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.