Debating The State Of Travel: Safety And Security


If you caught Monday’s blog, you know that we were fortunate to have the cameras rolling while four veteran travel experts – TravelSkills scion Chris McGinnis, InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace, MMGY Global President and CEO Clayton Reid, and BHTP President Dean Sivley – discussed some of the most important topics facing travel and travelers.

Travel safety and security is always high on that list, and for excellent reasons. No one wants to feel like the simple act of traveling is in any way death-defying. And while travel insurance can absolutely help alleviate some of those concerns, in some circumstances it is merely a very complex and far-reaching Band-Aid over deeper safety issues that are beyond the control of any individual or organization.

In today’s video our panel acknowledges the complexity of these issues while suggesting some ways through. It’s enlightening talk, and if it makes you want to run right out and buy some travel insurance, so much the better.