BHTP Connexions Podcast: Adventures And Destinations


Every podcast is special to us, but this one is even more special, because we dressed up.

Despite one of us having the proverbial face for radio (we’ll let you decide who), we put on our best for this edition of BHTP Connexions, in part because it was our boss’ birthday and we’re too cheap to buy him anything, but also in honor of our special guests.

Just as an FYI, the one with a face for radio is on the right.

This edition of Connexions features Scott Wiseman, president of Travel Impressions, one of the world’s top travel wholesalers, and Justin Wood from REI Adventures, the travel-and-tours arm of outdoor outfitter REI.

The interviews are from last month’s New York Times Travel Show, but the information is fresh and the news – like the recent interview with the president of low-cost Asian disrupter Air Asia X, and Norwegian Air’s crazy bargain fares to Europe – is breaking.

Enjoy, share, and if you want to dress up while listening … well, we certainly wouldn’t blame you.