About Our Blog

Our poor, nameless blog. (Looking for something to do? Name our blog.) Well, this blog — it’s short shrift to call it a blog, actually. It’s a multimedia platform — but it’s more than a multimedia platform. It’s an opportunity for you to interact with us — but it’s more than that, too. It’s more than marketing or meme generation or mere content. It’s a celebration of travel in all its forms, an exploration of travel, a view of travel from some refreshingly different eyes and lenses and hearts.

See, while we’re connected to a travel-insurance site we really don’t have any particular skin in the game. We don’t stand just for air travel or cruises or bus tours or vegan travel or Ohio or pet travel or hitchhiking or homestays or ascents of Everest. We’re in favor of travel, period. Whatever gets you out of the house and makes you feel empowered, however you choose to define the word, is good with us — whether you take us along or not.

We’re fortunate to be connected to some revolutionary products. We can’t begin to do for travel blogging what Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection does for travel insurance, but we’re going to try. And we’re going to have a heck of a good time along the way.

One thought

  1. Hi there and Hello! I like this blog. Why? Well it seems like for once there are actually places around Central WI that are actually being written about. Usually all the good eateries and drinkeries are somewhere out West or East, so it’s nice to see some attention taken with the Midwest. I think the blog is cool, has some great stories, pictures and seems open to anything.
    I like it. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, one of your BHTP sales people in Central Wisconsin! Cheers!


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